Meg's Blessings Farm 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Meg's Blessings Abigail    

aka "Abby"


"And David said to Abigail, Blessed be the Lord God of Israel which sent this day to meet me" -1 Samuel 25:32

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Dry for 2023

(LA 2022 +VE+ 84 as a FF)

D.O.B: 3-08-20 

Blue Eyes/Polled

Abby's Pedigree

Sire: Fields Of Grace CB Charleston                                                                                                    Dam: Hilemon Hills Cierra VEEV 89 (X2 GCH + 2 RGCH)

          SS: J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy ('17 LA EVE 90)                                                                         DS: Wooly Dog Down Free Asa Breeze

          SD: Rosasharn SP Carolina Wren                                                                                                            DD: Hilemon Hills Amber

I know we aren't supposed to have favorites but Abby is truly my favorite and I can't imagine life without her! Abby is the most loved goat in the world, and such a blessing! Until Abby, I had SEVEN bucklings born on the farm...and no girls yet. When Abby's mom, Hilemon Hills Cierra VEEV 89 (X 2 GCH + 2 RGCH) finally had a girl, I was shouting for joy, I finally had a girl! Abby is truly all I had hoped for and has the best personality, the cutest face, and also is defidently pretty inside and out! this girl truly makes the farm! 

Retained Progeny/Relations

Daughter: Meg's Blessings Mercy Set Free 

Sister: Meg's Blessings Walk By Faith