Meg's Blessings Farm 

~ Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~

Our Farm- Meet The Animals of Meg's Blessings

Our family has over 60 acres in South Knox County, Tennessee where we raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Laying Chickens, Registered Angus Herdstock, Grass Fed Beef, and Anatolian Shepherd LGDs along with our two Cats.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

My goats are raised for milk, conformation, correct udder development and loving, friendly personalities! My Sweet goats are the highlight of my day!

Registered Angus Cattle

The farm's herd of cattle are raised for grass-fed beef and registered quality stock.

Anatolian Shepherd/

Great Pyrenees LGDs

Our Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees LGDs guard the farm and the family! They truly make the farm and keeps us safe!


Our 27 Chickens are a mixed breed flock that are free range, fed organic chicken feed and cared for daily! Each on has a name and are sweet as can be! They also provide us with fresh, yummy eggs! (Although the two pictured are the same breed... we have lots of different breeds,but these two are inseperable!)

Farm History


Jim and Kathryn McGinley wanted to raise their kids, Beth Ann, David, and Mark on a farm.  After a long search, they purchased 10 acres in South Knoxville and began raising a herd of cattle, chickens, pigs, and a large garden.


David and Jamie McGinley bought 54 acres surrounding the original 10 acre farm and began McGinley Family Farm raising Registered Angus Cattle.


Megan McGinley purchased the original ADGA registered does, Cierra and Dawn, from Hilemon Hills.  Thank you Dr. Pam Gross (Hilemon Hills Nigerian Dwarf Goats) for giving us our start in the world of Nigerian Dwarf Goats! ~Meg's Blessings Farm!