Meg's Blessings Farm 

~ Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~

Around The Farm

We have lots of exciting things happen- Find updates, fun facts & news here!

Warm Water In The Cold Weather!

All the girls love the warm water we take them in the winter! They are pretty spoiled! They all drink so much and love it! This is a good way to get them to drink lots of water in the colder months!

Abby Snuggles!

We aren't supposed to have favorites, but Abby was the first girl and steals my heart! She has "designated" nap times with me! She is so sweet! This is one of my favorites naps of many!

Caught On Camera!

We have several cameras in the barn- we get to spy on snuggles & funny moments-or me! Having the cameras in the barn, not only is fun, but helpful during kidding season and just checking on them!

Camping In The Barn

During Kidding season- or sometimes just for fun. We camp in the barn to make sure nobody (or nogoat :) ) is kidding without us being there to assist and help the mamas. Dawn especially WANTS us there when she is kidding :)!

I spy a baby Reindeer- Just Kidding! :)

Sometimes we gotta have fun- such as dressing up our little bottle calf, Winnie the Moo in reindeer ears! She was born December 2nd- Just in time for Christmas photos! :)

Herd That!

Goats are herd animals & cannot live alone! They need a companion(s)! Our herd also trusts our amazing dog and are best friends with her-but need another goat too!

An Amazing Protector

After we got the goats- Dawn & Cierra, we decided to look into an LGD or Livestock Guardian Dog to guard & protect the goats! She took a lot of time & training- but she is defidently the best- go check out her page (in Livestock Guardian Dogs)

Playing on Spools & Stumps

Goats love to play & jump on stumps & spools! They are always on them looking to say "When are you going to play with me?!"