Meg's Blessings Farm 

~ Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~

Aubreys Acres Bread Puddin

aka "Puddin' "


Brown eyes/Polled

Puddin's Lineage

Sire: Darla Faye's FW Birdman

          SS: Darla Faye's E Bird isthe Word

         SD: Dragonfly SOL Bethany

Dam: Aubreys Acres Carmel Apple

          DS: Aubreys Acres Phrankenstein

          DD: Aubreys Acres Lollipop

Wisconsin!? Yep, it was a pretty long drive and flight! We flew to get them and drove back...almost 20 hours! But, these aren't "just goats" . They are beautiful kids with power-packed pedigrees! I am so excited to have brought some new bloodlines to TN! Puddin' is one of those three girls that came back with us to TN! She is a beautiful kid and I love her powerful pedigree! Long lines of beautiful mammaries and heavy milkers. Puddin is very nice and beautiful! Not to mention, she is VERY friendly and cuddly! :)

***Photo courtesy to Aubreys Acres Nigerian Dwarfs***