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Our Rescue Spoiled "Barn Kitties!"

When Doc + Skip's mom was going about her daily life as a stray, she was about to have kittens! She wandered up on a friend's mom's porch to have them! And, it was a good thing! We had been looking to rescue some sweet cats, and these were the perfect ones! So, now we have Doc + Skip, the most spoiled rescue "barn cats" ever. We say these guys just happen to live in the barn outside! They are as sweet as can be!


                                                                                     Rodent Control :)


Doc loves to hunt- but also to snuggle! He meets me on the porch when I get home from school and so, I have to play for a bit! He is usually found in my jacket or lap! Yep- our kitties are pretty spoiled- they have fleece blankets in the winter in a crate to snuggle together! In the summer- cold water on the porch with a fan- this is where you find them! These "Barn Cats"  just happen to live outside and are super sweet and spoiled!


Skip"purr" is a silly boy. he loves to hang out and chill in a his fleece blanket cave and play with his brother! Sweet Skip is a chubby little guy who is very lovable and silly! He and his brother are always adventuring together- or snuggling in my jacket!