Meg's Blessings Farm 

~ Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~

Our Chickens

Our 28 Chickens includes A Mixed flock of various breeds! We love our hens and they are free-range, fed organic feed and cared for daily. We also enjoy their yummy eggs!

Rhonda (Rhode Island Red)

Pearl (Rhode Island Red)

Anna (Speckled Sussex)

Dotty (Australorp)

Dolly (Australorp)

Lil Feathers (Americana)

Lacy (Black Laced Wyandotte)

Blinker (Black Laced Wyandotte) 

Aunt Bee (ISA Brown)

Ellie (ISA Brown)

Goldie (Golden Laced Wyandotte)

Lil Wing (Americana)

Lil Tail (Americana)

Dottie Jr "DJ" (Black Sex Link)

Pretty Girl (Golden Laced Wyandotte)

Liberty (Golden Comet)

Lil Blue (Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Big Red (Black Laced Red Wyadotte)

Speckles (Cream Legbar)

Fluffy (Amberlink)

Freckles (Amberlink)

Allie (Sapphire Gem)

Betsy (Sapphire Gem)

Margaret (Sapphire Gem)

Little Girl (Golden Comet)

Whiplash (Barred Rock)

Mohawk Warrior Princess (Barred Rock) 

Flopsy (Golden Laced Wyandotte)