Meg's Blessings Farm 

~ Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will your goats have horns?

No, none of my goats will have horns. Though both does and bucks can have horns none of mine will. The babies are either born polled (born without horns) or are disbudded (burned off carefully at a young age).

When is your average Kidding Season?

We aim for breeding late fall and to have March/early April kids. These dates can vary. Check out our Kidding Schedule page "2023 Kidding Schedule" for more information and availability!

​​Why can I not only get one goat?

To get a goat from us, you need to have existing goats on your farm of around the same age or get two.  Goats are herd animals and need another goat(s) for companionship, not just another animal. Bucks to be Wethers sold for pets are sold in pairs, unless you have existing goats around the same age and breed in place. :) Bucks may be sold individually  as long as you have another buck or companion wether.